Aquatherm Moscow 2024: reasons to exhibit

Participation in Aquatherm Moscow 2024, the largest in Russia exhibition of complex engineering systems for heating, water supply, sewerage and swimming pools, gives your company an opportunity to accomplish a number of key business tasks in short time.

Aquatherm Moscow has been serving as an effective business platform for the past 27 years. There, manufacturers and suppliers of equipment for heat and water supply, sewerage systems and swimming pools meet their target audience interested in purchasing their products.

Why is participation in Aquatherm Moscow beneficial for your business?

  1. New customers and increase of sales volumes.

In 2023, Aquatherm Moscow was visited by 25,549 people - installers, designers, builders, representatives of wholesale and retail trade. In 2023, 19,928 specialists (78 % of visitors) had plans to purchase products as a result of their visit to the Exhibition.

Aquatherm Moscow audience is represented by professionals looking to purchase necessary equipment.

  1. Face-to-face with top managers.

Every year, Aquatherm Moscow is visited by top and middle managers who can influence the decisions on procurement made by their companies. You can reach an agreement with them directly at the Exhibition.

72 % of Aquatherm Moscow 2023 visitors were holding managerial positions.

Aquatherm Moscow 2024
Aquatherm Moscow 2024
  1. Expansion of your sales geography.

Aquatherm Moscow 2023 visitors represented 82 regions of Russia and 36 countries of the world. The massive geography of the visitors provides an opportunity to establish useful contacts and make arrangements for your products to enter new markets.

According to 2023 data, 92% of exhibitors managed to find new clients and business partners.

  1. Meetings with current customers and partners.

Participation in the Exhibition is not only an opportunity to make new mutually beneficial contacts, but also to meet your current customers and business partners. The face-to-face format gives the parties an opportunity to discuss further cooperation.

According to 2023 statistics, 90% of the exhibitors met their existing customers and partners at the Exhibition.

Aquatherm Moscow 2024
Aquatherm Moscow 2024
  1. Study of partners’ and competitors’ offers.

469 companies from 13 countries of the world participated in Aquatherm Moscow 2023. Companies present their best products at the Exhibition, including innovations which are not being commercially produced yet.

The following industry leaders are regularly seen at Aquatherm Moscow: CNP, General Fittings Spa, Thermex, Unipump, Valvosanitaria Bugatti Spa, Wirquin, Zota, Aquario Rus, Geizer, Isoterm, Konord Zavod, Lammin, Lemax, Moscow Factory FD Plast, Rehau, Ridan, Rifar, Ruterm, Santekhkomplekt, Terem, Termoros, Fachmann Russland, Evan, Ekodar and many more.

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  1. Learn everything you need to know about the current state of the industry.

Every year, Aquatherm Moscow is supported by an eventful business program. In 2023, the program featured 123 speakers delivering their presentations, and 14 major business events. The speakers — experts in the field of heat and water supply, construction and installation — share their practical experience with the audience, study real-life business cases and share actual statistics pertinent to the industry.

92 % of the companies were satisfied with their exhibiting at the 2023 Exhibition. Feel the effectiveness of the business event too - take part in Aquatherm Moscow 2024 with your stand!