Post-release following the results of Aquatherm Moscow 2023

Technological Innovations and Trends in the Development of Complex Engineering Systems Presented by 469 Exhibitors from 13 Countries at Aquatherm Moscow 2023.

The 27th International Exhibition of Domestic and Industrial Equipment for Heating, Water Supply, Engineering and Plumbing Systems, Swimming Pools, Saunas, and Spas Aquatherm Moscow 2023 was held in Moscow from 14 to 17 February 2023 at Crocus Expo.

Aquatherm Moscow is the largest Russian exhibition of complex engineering systems for heating, water supply, sewerage and swimming pools. The key industry event brought together 275 domestic and 194 foreign manufacturers and sellers of engineering equipment from 13 countries, including Italy, Germany, Austria, China, France, Turkey, etc.

150 companies are new participants that took part in the exhibition for the first time.

Leading domestic and foreign companies presented all types of domestic and industrial equipment and engineering systems as part of the large-scale exposition:

  • Heating equipment
  • Equipment for water supply, water drainage, and sewerage
  • Piping, fittings, valves
  • Instrumentation and automation systems, Smart Home
  • Equipment for pools and baths
  • Tools and services for assembly, cutting, and welding
  • Services for the installation of utility systems

Visitors of the exhibition took advantage of the unique opportunity to see and test new equipment and technologies, including:

  • Aquaphor LWM – 205S water purifier from Aquaphor for medical and chemical laboratories. Ultrapure water is suitable for a variety of purposes, from instrument sterilisation to production of microbiological culture media preparations.
  • Quantum electric wall-mounted boiler with an advanced self-diagnosis system and anti-freeze protection from Thermex GazPro.
  • Alfa-Portal unique digital platform for water treatment market dealers, and ROL series reverse osmosis system created by AWT Group.
  • 5 models of electric convectors with a capacity from 500 to 2500 W of the Kelet plant based in Kazakhstan, which will enter the mass market this year.
  • Signal series of boilers capable of heating facilities up to 2,000 sq.m with the minimal consumption of natural gas from Signal-Teplotekhnika.
  • Steel ball valves for gas and other pipelines with protection against unauthorised access developed by TEMPER, and much more.

Among the exhibitors in 2023 are market leaders and major industry players: Ayvaz, Atlas Filtri, CNP, Craft, E.C.A., Eurostandard Spa, General Fittings Spa, Gurai, HL Hutterer&Lechner, LD, NTG, Pimtas, ROLS Isomarket, SPK Sogut, Thermex, Thermowatt, Unipump, Valvosanitaria Bugatti Spa, Wirquin, Zota, ADL, Aquadis, Aquant, Aquaprom, Aquario Rus, Akvastorog, Alterplast, ANI Plast, Atlantic Neman, BVT, BVT Barrier, BREEZ – Climatic Systems, Valogin Technology, Geyser, Dvin, Zhemchuzhina, LIT Plant, Isotherm, Interma, K-Flex, Konord Plant, Lammin, Lemax, Linas, Markopool Chemicals, FD Plast Moscow Plant, Mosoblgaz, Multimirplast, Nevinomyssky Radiator Plant, Novosibirsk Metalworking Company, Ol-Aqua, Allpools, Olmax, Omsk Innovation Technologies Plant, ONLI, Ostendorf, Plasma-T, Plastic, Polyplastic Group, Polymerteplo Group, Politek Pipe, Pro Aqua, Rebay, Rehau, Ridan, Rifar, Russiyskie Ochistnye Sooruzheniya, NPO, RTP, Russian West, Rusklimat TPH, Ruterm, Santekhkomplekt, STM-Oskol, Teplov & Sukhov, Terem, Termoros, Uglich Polymer Plant, Fachmann Russland, Hogarth, Tsentrtekhform, Chuvashteplokabel, Evan, Ecodar, Unicorn NPP and many others.

The rich business program of the 2023 exhibition includes 14 events of various formats: conferences, thematic sessions, presentations, and practical master classes. One of the main topics is the import substitution of equipment and response from the market and business to new conditions. The program brought together 123 opinion leaders and leading industry experts. They presented analytical market reviews, spoke about the latest industry trends, shared their practical experience and successful business cases. The business program of the Aquatherm Moscow exhibition was attended by 2439 unique delegates.

Among the business program events are:

  • “Heating: Standards for Heating Devices, Science and Technology of Heating, Appliance Market in 2023” Conference
  • “State-of-the-Art Technologies in Heating and Water Supply. Problems and Solutions. The Russian Market of Utility Systems Today: Prospects for Development and Import Substitution” Conference
  • “The Pool Market Today. Ultraviolet and Pools” Conference
  • “Import Substitution, Operation Safety, Market” Gas Equipment Conference
  • “Water Supply and Water Treatment in Modern Economic Conditions” Conference
  • “BIM&BEM Modelling of Utility Systems in Buildings and Structures” Conference
  • “Renewable Energy Sources: Figures and Facts of 2023” Conference
  • “Residential and Public Buildings. Practical Solutions for Heating and Hot Water Supply Systems” Conference
  • Day of EURAROS (Eurasian Association of the Heating Systems Market) at Aquatherm Moscow: “State Control in the Heating Equipment Market: Myth or Reality?”

A separate event of the business program was the fourth international industry annual Aquatherm Moscow Awards ceremony. This is the only award in Russia whose expert council determines and awards the best products, services, and projects in the heating and water supply industry. The official awarding of the Award winners took place on 16 February in the conference hall at the exhibition site. New formats of the business program were used for the first time: live demonstrations of equipment testing right in the conference halls. On 15 February, as part of the APRO Installers’ Day, ball valves were tested for strength, while on 15–16 February, Academy HVCEP demonstrated an exposition of assembly stands, where the properties of pipes were studied for all 2 days, pipeline valves were tested for strength.

On 15 and 16 February, influencers of the Russian utility systems market – bloggers, installers, designers – shared their practices and life hacks. They spoke about ways to promote their services through social networks in the new environment, to evolve from an installer to a designer, what is included in the top list of errors made by installation professionals and how to avoid them. Speakers at the events were: Vitaly Egorov (Everyday Plumbing), Anton Lozovoy (Things from Pipes), Vladimir Sukhorukov (Heat-Water), Evgeny Gulov (Kuban Master), ** Abydenov** (Tokmasters), Dmitry Cheban (Construction Site).

Aquatherm Moscow runs with the support of sponsor: TPH "Rusklimat".
The general media partner is HeatClub magazine.

The events of the business program was supported by industry associations and information resources, including: NP ABOK, the Association of Heating Radiator Manufacturers (APRO), the C.O.K. magazine, "Modern House”, Academy of the EOVKES, Eurasian Association of the Heating Systems Market (EURAROS), magazine and portal about water and heat BANBAS.RU, Guild of Gas Equipment Engineers (GIGO)," Bulletin of the Valve Builder", "Everything for Construction", IC "Aqua-Therm”, “Electrotechnics Market”, “Energy News”,, “Consumer” and others.

The 28th Aquatherm Moscow International Exhibition will take place on February 6-9, 2024 in Moscow, Crocus Expo IEC.

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