«This is a place where almost all market players gather»: what exhibitors say about Aquatherm Moscow 2023

How did Aquatherm Moscow 2023 pass? Representatives of five companies shared their experience of participating in the exhibition.

Dmitry Bakhta – Deputy General Director for Corporate Development, LAVART.

«When it comes to complex projects, face-to-face meetings work very well to build trust. Therefore, Aquatherm Moscow is a very important platform for choosing partners, for business communication with professionals. The initial acquaintance is laid here very well and for a long time. We are glad to see old friends here».

Denis Krasnov – Head of Marketing Department, ONLY.

«The Aquatherm Moscow exhibition is an excellent opportunity to communicate with the manufacturer and installer, be sure to meet old friends, partners and, of course, find new ones. Therefore, the Aquatherm Moscow exhibition is an important, necessary and annual event that we do not miss».

Alexander Andreev – Head of Sales Department, Santekhkomplekt.

«For us, this is one of the main annual PR moments. It is very convenient for me that I can meet immediately with representatives of different regions. I can have 10–15 meetings a day, not a single business trip can overcome such traffic that the Aquatherm Moscow exhibition provides within 4 days. Traditionally, the exhibition is organised at the highest level».

Mina Khachatryan – Director of Strategic Marketing, Rusklimat.

«For us Aquatherm Moscow is a place where almost all market players gather, it is, in fact, a mini-institute where manufacturers, developers, engineers, designers, distributors, installation organisations meet.».

Nadezhda Zhenilenko – Head of Advertising Department, Termoros.

«Aquatherm Moscow is such a great opportunity for us to speak to a large audience. On behalf of our company, I want to thank the Organiser, who was very open to us and very responsible. And even despite the fact that we did not participate for a long time and took a long break, we were greeted like old friends and were very hospitable to us. Thanks a lot! We will resume our participation in Aquatherm Moscow and will continue to be regular exhibitors».

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