Five reasons to exhibit at Aquatherm 2023

How will the exit of European manufacturers and suppliers affect the market? How will it affect the quality of engineering solutions, and their prices? Will the domestic solutions and products be able to replace imported goods? Which paths will companies take to address the crisis?

Answers to these questions will be given at Aquatherm Moscow, the largest Russian exposition presenting all kinds of engineering solutions. In 2023, the Expo will take place February 14—17 in Crocus Expo International Exhibition Centre.

1. Aquatherm Moscow participants are represented by companies with solid reputation

At Aquatherm Moscow 2023 they will have an opportunity to demonstrate their products, goods and services in place of the players who have exited the market.

In 2022, 640 participants from 22 countries of the world took part in Aquatherm Moscow – companies involved in trade and production of engineering equipment for heating, water supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems, swimming pools, saunas and spas. Leaders of the market and well-established companies were among the participants. In 2022, total area of the Exposition amounted to 13,178 square metres.

Выставка Aquatherm Moscow
Выставка Aquatherm Moscow

2. Aquatherm Moscow is attended by representatives of retail and wholesale trade, specialists of design, construction and installation companies with high buyer potential from across the Russian Federation

  • 51 % (8,766) of visitors – retail and wholesale trade
  • 33 % (5,601) of visitors – design, construction and installation
  • 11 % (1,807) of visitors – equipment manufacturing

3. Aquatherm Moscow visitors are the target audience for your company, and they will come to the Exposition to see YOU

  • 35 % (5,997) of visitors – company CEOs/owners
  • 12 % (2,038) of visitors – deputy CEOs
  • 20 % (3,487) of visitors – department/unit leaders
  • 6 % (1,051) of visitors – sole entrepreneurs
  • 26 % (4,485) of visitors – managers/specialists
Выставка Акватерм
Выставка Акватерм

4. At the time of the market reconfiguration, it is extremely important to join the industry leaders at an event enabling high-quality promotion of your company, and make a statement on your updated strategy and range of services

Based on Aquatherm Moscow 2022 statistics, visitors are interested in:

  • 67 % (11,954) – heating equipment;
  • 60 % (10,765) – water supply equipment;
  • 48 % (8,511) – piping, fittings, valves;
  • 31 % (5,946) – instrumentation and control; automation systems;
  • 31 % (5,636) – air conditioning and ventilation equipment;
  • 27 % (4,828) – tools;
  • 20 % (3,617) – pools and equipment for pools and baths;
  • 11 % (2,047) – Passive House.
Выставка акватерм 2023
Выставка акватерм 2023

5. Aquatherm Moscow is the industry’s mirror, a reflection of the market situation

Participation in the Exposition in 2023 will help finding new niches, directions, sales channels and marketing methods.

In 2022, Aquatherm Moscow was attended by 17,907 visitors from 81 regions of Russia and 34 countries of the world. The Expo visitors will give insight into new logistics and manufacturing solutions by clearly stating their commercial requests. In the four days you will be able to examine the market and its trends, new types of requests made by potential customers, and your competitors’ products.

  • 94 % (16,120) of visitors influence the decisions on procurement of products presented at the Exposition;
  • 77 % (13,788) of visitors plan to procure products as a result of the Exposition;
  • 74 % (13,251) of visitors have found new suppliers and business partners.

6. Aquatherm Moscow Exposition will help you to implement your plans and resolve business tasks in the shortest time possible

We conducted a survey of participants of the previous Expo, and there was much positive feedback.

  • 86 % were satisfied with their participation in the Expo;
  • 82 % were satisfied with the quantity of visitors;
  • 82 % were satisfied with the quality of visitors;
  • 83 % met their current customers and business partners at the Expo;
  • 84 % considered their participation in the Expo important for their business development;
  • 81 % found new customers and business partners at the Expo.
выставка акватерм 2022
выставка акватерм 2022

Ivan Petrakovsky, Business Coach at RTP: ‘It is the key annual event for everyone involved in plumbing and utilities.’

Vasiliy Shumakov, Commercial Director at Daesung Rus: ‘It is a great event to meet your partners, there is no better place to discuss current issues and future plans. The contacts gained can very well be converted into profits, as the Exposition is visited by CEOs of companies having extremely diverse sales channels, and it is a great opportunity to gain some experience and new contacts, and to communicate. The Exposition’s audience is wide, from major wholesale companies to shop owners and retailers, and they come from many geographical locations.’

Alina Kazunina, Lead Product Manager for Toshiba Air Conditioning Systems at Rusklimat: ‘The Expo is very useful, as it gives us a chance to demonstrate new products and present innovations, while the customers can come in contact with the industry leaders, which is very helpful. This is an opportunity to present your company and brands.’

Georgy Litvinchuk, CEO of Litvinchuk Marketing: ‘I don’t see any casuals here, only the professionals, people from the regions who come here to find solutions and see new products.’

Oleg Bragin, Marketing Head at Aquario: ‘Gained contacts get converted into profits for us. There are many visitors who want to communicate with the market’s professionals and obtain as much information from the sources as possible.’

The 27th International Exposition of Household and Industrial Equipment for Heating, Water Supply, Plumbing, Air Conditioning and Ventilation Systems, Swimming Pools, Saunas, and Spas will be held in Moscow from 14 to 17 February at Crocus Expo IEC.

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